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Work contract

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A contract between the owner of a Shop, Farm or Field and characters who want to work in his stead or additionally to the owner. The contract is published by the owner at the town crier, visible only in the structure's home region and can be accepted by everyone in that region, but is sometimes meant for a specific character, so be adviced to read the contract carefully. Another possible pitfall is the payment option that may be left blank, leaving owner and contractor to arrange payment on their own discretion. Owners of a shop can also hire characters to enlarge the shop's storage capacity this way.

It is created by opening the Town crier page, change to tab "work and commerce" and then Add a message. The character needs to have a paper scroll in his or her inventory. A succesful creation of a new contract will automatically trigger a new Town crier event message. It can be found and accepted at the Town crier, tab "work and commerce".

On creation there are a few options available to tailor the contract to the players needs:

  • Title
  • Structure to which the contract will be connected
  • Job duration in days
  • Hourly wage
  • Text
  • Expiration time before the contract will dissapear from the Work and Commerce section.
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