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Professional Desk Bonus

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The Bonus Professional Desk includes the following features:

  • Search emails;
  • Message Archive (15 messages included);
  • Access to Archive expansion package.


It is possible to search mails by specifying a criteria in the fields: Subjects, From (only for incoming messages), To (only for sent messages).

Archive Messages

It is possible to archive important messages by pressing a button named Archive. When clicked the flag archived will be set. Archived messages will never be deleted from the system.

  Note: Non archived messages will be kept online for one month, then they will be canceled.


The Archive page

A new page archived will show the archived messages. The page is similar to the Received messages page, but will have the option Unarchive instead of Archive.

Expanding the archive

In the archive page a button name Expand the archive will be added. By clicking it a player can add a slot for further 25 emails. It won' t be possible to archive more than 515 messages.

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