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Professional Desk Bonus

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[edit] Description

The Bonus Professional Desk includes the following features:

  • Search emails;
  • Message Archive (15 messages included);
  • Access to Archive expansion package.

[edit] Search

It is possible to search mails by specifying a criteria in the fields: Subjects, From (only for incoming messages), To (only for sent messages).

[edit] Archive Messages

It is possible to archive important messages by pressing a button named Archive. When clicked the flag archived will be set. Archived messages will never be deleted from the system.

  Note: Non archived messages will be kept online for one month, then they will be canceled.


[edit] The Archive page

A new page archived will show the archived messages. The page is similar to the Received messages page, but will have the option Unarchive instead of Archive.

[edit] Expanding the archive

In the archive page a button name Expand the archive will be added. By clicking it a player can add a slot for further 25 emails. It won' t be possible to archive more than 515 messages.

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