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Faith Points

From Medieval Europe
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All the Church system functions depends on accumulated Faith Points (FP) in the structures. Thus, a Church power is directly related on how many FPs are at disposal in each structure.

How Faith Points are gained by The Church?

Faith Points are 'given' to the Church by followers that Pray. Faith Points are accumulated in each religious structure.


  1. Holy See: 1003 FPs
  2. Cardinal Palace 1: 300 FPs
  3. Bishop Palace 1.1: 345 FPs
  4. Parish Church 1.1.1: 30 FPs

How the Church can use Faith Points?

FPs are used for every action the Church wants to do: Starting religious buildings constructions, initiations, holy masses, blessings and so on. If not enough FPs are stored in the structure, the actions linked to the role/structure will fail.

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