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Faith Points

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All the Church system functions depends on accumulated Faith Points (FP) in the structures. Thus, a Church power is directly related on how many FPs are at disposal in each structure.

[edit] How Faith Points are gained by The Church?

Faith Points are 'given' to the Church by followers that Pray. Faith Points are accumulated in each religious structure.


  1. Holy See: 1003 FPs
  2. Cardinal Palace 1: 300 FPs
  3. Bishop Palace 1.1: 345 FPs
  4. Parish Church 1.1.1: 30 FPs

[edit] How the Church can use Faith Points?

FPs are used for every action the Church wants to do: Starting religious buildings constructions, initiations, holy masses, blessings and so on. If not enough FPs are stored in the structure, the actions linked to the role/structure will fail.

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