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[edit] Introduction

So, you are in the main square with little money, clad in rags and you are wondering what to do. Medieval Europe is still in beta, and it's still introducing core functionalities, sharing the content with players.

Waiting for new and significant opportunities for growth and customization of your character, in Medieval Europe (ME) the power and prestige is currently rated by the money you have.

[edit] Future development

You can see a preview of the next-in-line development on the English wiki main page (look under Release Preview). There is also a Release schedule in the Game Related Section of the International Boards.

[edit] How to start earning money?

To earn money you can start by doing some simple tasks such as raising funds for the church,

Cathedral (work).jpg

or cleaning the prisons.

Barracks and Prisons (work).jpg

(reward: 5 coins and a loaf of bread).

[edit] Resting

The little money you have should be invested well, and you should definitely keep some to buy a house at the local castle.

Castle (buy a house).jpg

Buy a house.jpg

In ME any work consumes energy so it's better to have a comfortable home where you can lie down.

Hut (rest).jpg

Otherwise you can relax in the tavern by paying some coins.

Tavern (rest).jpg

Owning a home also allows you to store your items (if you travel it's better to travel light).

[edit] Eating

In ME it's very important to eat.


When the satiety (green bar) goes down to zero, 10 health points are removed daily. When your health drops to zero, your character will be removed from the game (you will be able to reconnect and create a new one).

[edit] Ways to earn money later on

Besides working in the church and prisons, there are other activities that are more profitable but require certain tools like:

  • Chopping for wood in the forest (requires a hatchet)
  • Digging iron in the mine (requires a pickaxe)
  • Buying a field and growing crops (requires a hoe)

If you can't find some items in your city market, you can travel or ask in the forum in the correct topics (market).

Other activities you can undertake, but which require a greater investment are:

  • Baker, Herbalist, Carpenter, Blacksmith
  • Farmer
  • Trader

We advise you to undertake such activities only after a while and after reading the (Wiki)

[edit] Premium account

If you want to financially support the game and get some advantages (not excessive ones), you can buy Doubloons in our shop. Doubloons can be used to buy bonuses in the game.

[edit] Vote for the game

By voting for Medieval Europe every day, you will receive money or energy and help the game become more popular.

Vote for Medieval Europe.jpg

[edit] Referrals

In your character sheet you can find the Referral section. Bringing new players to ME will help you to earn some coins.

[edit] Abuse in the game / Support

If you think you have been abused or find out that some players are behaving in an inappropriate manner you can write a letter to Guglielmo di Valenza, our Inquisitor. He is in perpetual meditation, but will stop to read your letters. Be polite and formal though because he is not an easy-to-handle character.

If you still have any questions about the game, you can ask the parish priest of the city or any of the government representatives, which will assist you and answer your questions.

If you need further help or support, you can post a question or request in the thread Help/Support

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