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'''Unisex:''' [[Leather Trousers]] • [[Hood]] <br>
'''Unisex:''' [[Leather Trousers]] • [[Hood]] <br>
'''Male:''' [[Male Hat]] • [[Hose]] • [[Striped Hose]] • [[Worn Shirt]] • [[Used Trousers]] • [[Short Sleeve Shirt]] • [[Long Sleeve Shirt]] • [[Male Shoes]]<br>
'''Male:''' [[Male Hat]] • [[Hose]] • [[Striped Hose]] • [[Worn Shirt]] • [[Used Trousers]] • [[Short Sleeve Shirt]] • [[Long Sleeve Shirt]] • [[Male Shoes]]<br>
'''Female:''' [[Female Hat]] • [[Noblewoman Gown]] • [[Ragged Robe]] • [[Simple Robe]] • [[Female Shoes]] • [[Veil]] <br>
'''Female:''' [[Female Hat]] • [[Female Hose]] • [[Female Striped Hose]] • [[Noblewoman Gown]] • [[Ragged Robe]] • [[Female Short Sleeve Shirt]] • [[Female Long Sleeve Shirt]] • [[Simple Robe]] • [[Female Shoes]] • [[Veil]] <br>

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List of all items in game

Natural: Clay PieceCoal PieceFishGold PieceIron PieceMandragoraMushroomSaltSand HeapStone PieceWood Piece
Field: SeedsFertilizerHopGrapeCotton YarnFlowersHayLinen YarnMedical HerbsMulberryMulberry LeafWheat Bag
Farm: HoneyLeather PieceManure HeapMeatMilkSilk YarnWaxWool Yarn
Crafted: Large JarMaltWater BottleGlass BulbGlass BottleHatchet BladeHoe BladeKnife BladePickaxe HardheadPottery

Tools DistillerFishing NetIron BucketMantisPress for GrapesWooden BarrelHoeKnifePickaxeWork HammerShovelHatchet
Completed items: BrickTar JarDye BowlHealing PillElixir of MightViolet PotionWood DummyWooden TokenSturdy Table
Food and Drink BreadCheeseFish SoupMeat SoupMulberry Cake | BeerWineMeadMulberry Brandy

Unisex: Leather TrousersHood
Male: Male HatHoseStriped HoseWorn ShirtUsed TrousersShort Sleeve ShirtLong Sleeve ShirtMale Shoes
Female: Female HatFemale HoseFemale Striped HoseNoblewoman GownRagged RobeFemale Short Sleeve ShirtFemale Long Sleeve ShirtSimple RobeFemale ShoesVeil

Armor BootsChainmailIron HelmetIron Helmet (Mod 2)Iron Norman ShieldIron ShieldStrong Leather TrousersLight Leather ArmorPlatemailIron Leg ArmorIron SabatonsWooden Norman ShieldWooden Shield
Weapon MaceHalberdLongswordShort SwordFauchardMorning StarScimitarWar HammerWar Axe
Jewel Gold BraceletKing CrownEmerald RingRuby RingSapphire RingDiamond Ring
Transport Small CartMedium CartProfessional Cart
Scroll PaperWax SealScrollsProperty License

All (without Atheism): Medical KitChalice
Mystic: Religious Headpice (Mystic)Primodor TunicMufti TunicA Grand Imam TunicMuezzin Tunic
Pagan: Mystical AxePan ZvaPrimecerius TunicHight Priest TunicPrior TunicHiereus Tunic
Patriarchal: ScepterReligious Headpice (Patriarchal)Triune Patriarch TunicMitropolith TunicA Presbyter TunicDiakonos Tunic
Theological: CrosierMitreSummus Pontifex TunicCardinal TunicBishop TunicCleric Tunic

Currency DoubloonSilver CoinCopper Coin
Outdated Widows Brew
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