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By studying, it's possible to raise the Character main attributes.

Where may I study or train?

You may study at the following structures: Academies, Training Grounds.

Where can I found these structures

They may be present in your Kingdom or not. Ask yuor tutor/vassal.

Which are the available courses?

The available courses c/o Academies are:

  • Logic, Rhetorica and Grammatica: Increases Intelligence
  • Politics, Literature and Art: Increases Charisma

while the available courses c/o Training Grounds are:

Each course has 20 levels that will raise the related stat to the corrispondent number.

Example: If a character has Charisma 14, he will be able to attend the course Politica, Literature and Art Level 15. At the end of the course, the Charisma attribute will be raised to 15.

How can I study/train?

In order to study you must click the Study link that you will find in the structure popup. You will be presented the following page:


Action Details

  • Conditions:
    • Character must have required glut and energy
    • Character must have required coins
    • Character must not have maximized the corrispondent attribute
    • Enough studying or training slots must be available
  • Expected lasting time: Specified hours
  • Time modifiers: None
  • Queue applies? No

Required resources: 10% energy, 4% glut per hour

Action Effects

  • Course made hours are increased
  • If course is completed, the correspondent attribute is raised
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