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Royal Palace

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Royal Palace
Owner: Regent
Titles: ???.
Storage: 100.000 kg
Rest Level: 60

Placed in the Kingdom capital city, the Royal palace host the Regent. Here the Kingdom's future is decided, and foreign ambassadors and foreign delegations meet.

Public links

Offers to the Kingdom

By using this function you can make offers to the Kingdom and deposit some items in the Royal Palace storage.

The Throne Room

By selecting this function, you can enter in the Throne Room. If the Kingdom does not have a Regent you can become the Regent by donating a certain sum of money and fullfill some requirements:

  1. Be at least 90 days old
  2. Having at least a charisma 16
  3. Own a certain amount of money

To become a Regent of a Kingdom the following silver coins are required:

   [Kingdom_owned_regions] * 250 + 1500

Declare revolt

By selecting this function, you can declare Revolution

Reserved Links


You can see what's stored in the Royal Palace and take stored items.

  • Storage capacity — 10,000 kg (10 tons)

Declare Hostile Actions

The Regent can declare an hostile action against another kingdom or independent region.

Possible hostile actions are:

Set Diplomacy Relations

View and Modify Kingdom Diplomacy Relations

The Regent can see current diplomacy relations and change them. More information on Diplomacy.

Give Access Permit

A Regent can assign access permits to individuals. This will give them permission to enter the Kingdom even though there is a diplomatic agreement that does not allow access. The permit has a 24 hour validity and requires a Paper and a Wax Seal.

Declare Kingdom Laws

From this tab the Regent may declare, modify and cancel Kingdom Laws. For details and rules about declaring Laws check here. A regent can edit a law before 72 hours from the last modification are passed. The law grace period will be 3 days starting from the last modification time.

List Appointed Vassals

By using this function you will be able to display all Kingdom Vassals and:

  • Write to them
  • Assign them a region
  • Revoke the role

Appoint Vassals

You can appoint a Vassal that will control a Castle and eventually some Regions. Dismissing or assigning a government role will cost some Silver Coins. Resigning from role is free of charge. See Appoint/Removal Costs for details.

Assign Noble and Royal Titles

The Regent with this function is able to list the Assigned Role Play Titles, Assign them and Revoke them. There is a limit on the number of assignments per structure:

[TODO: add table]

Configure Tax Distribution Rule

By using this function a Regent can configure the Tax Distribution Rule. Tax Distribution Rule can go from 0% to 100% and determines how much percentage of Regional Taxes goes to Royal Palace or the Castle treasury.

Example 1:
House of level 1 is 360 s.c. Region of Orvieto set property tax for houses 0% for citizens. Distribution rule is 70% to royalpalace, 30% to castle.
A citizen will be able to buy the house for 360 s.c. Castle and Royal Palace will get 0 s.c. 
Example 2:
House of level 1 is 360 s.c. Region of Orvieto set property tax for houses. 5% for citizens. Distribution rule is 70% to royalpalace, 30% to castle.
A citizen will be able to buy the house for 378s.c. Royal Palace will get 12.6 s.c. and Castle 5.4 s.c.

Publish Announcements

From here the Regent can publish a Government announce or set the Kingdom Welcome message.

Welcome message

A Regent will be able to create or modify a welcome message. An automatic mail with the welcome message is sent to every newborn citizen.


A king can write an announcement. All citizens will be able to see the Announcements page after login. It's possible to edit the message upto 24 hours after the first publication.

Manage Kingdom Projects

A regent can start a Kingdom project and choose to build a structure in a region. Possible choices are:

For more details, see Kingdom_(Community)_Projects.

View Accountancy Reports

The Regent can view some accountancy report in the Royal Chancellery.

Kingdom Resources

Through this report compiled by his accountants, the Regent can view the Kingdom's resources including how these resources are distributed amongst the various governmental structures.

Kingdom Basic Resources

Through this report compiled by his accountants, the Regent can view the Kingdom's Basic resources status.

Property Report

With this report, a Regent knows who owns properties in his Kingdom.


The Regent can rest in the Royal Palace. For further details, see Resting.

Related Bonuses

If a Royal Palace exists it gives:

  60 cents/day * number of castles * each player that is alive and active in the last 48 hours in the Kingdom. 

Money will be deposited into Royal Palace Treasure.

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