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[edit] The Revolt

A revolt can be organized by residents that are unhappy with the current government.

[edit] Timeline

Classic Server

  • t0 - Declaration
  • t0 + 48h - Battlefield appears
  • t0 + 60h - Battleround
  • t0 + 18h - Battlefield destroyed

Check also Classic Server Parameters: Click

[edit] Costs

Costs for declaring a revolt will be directly related to the number of regions owned by the Kingdom:

  Costs In Silver Coins = 100 * Kingdom Regions

[edit] Bonuses and Maluses

  • Geographical Maluses: Yes
  • Castle/Royal Palace presence: Yes
  • Jar Tar: Yes

[edit] Who can organize a revolt?

A resident player:

  • with enough money
  • resident in the Kingdom for at least 30 days
  • that did not declare a revolt in the last 30 days
  If player does not have the required attributes and age to become a king, he will be able to declare a Revolt but he won't become a King. 
  If the revolt is succesfull, anyone will be able to claim the Throne by paying silver coins.

[edit] There are other constraints that blocks a revolt?


  • The king should be on the throne for at least 3 days;
  • 2 days from the last revolt must pass;
  • Kingdom is engaged in a war.

[edit] How can one declare a revolt?

By clicking the link Declare revolt on the Royal Palace it will be possible to formally declare the intention to revolt.

[edit] Will the revolt organizer remain anonymous?

The organizer will not be anonymous anymore and will be known to the King; An event will be sent to the King and to the Town Crier.

[edit] It is possible to cancel a revolt?


[edit] Who can participate in a revolt

  • Kingdom citizens that are resident for at least 30 days and with over 30 days age will be able to join Attack
  • Kingdom citizens that are resident for at least 30 days and with over 30 days age will be able to join Defense

Check also Classic Server Parameters: Click

[edit] Revolters can be arrested or restrained?

No. From when the revolt is declared and until it finishes citizens of the Kingdom that is under a Revolt cannot be restrained nor arrested by any Judge or Guard Captain.

[edit] The Battle

The battle will be fought in the battlefield. The battlefield will appear 48 hours from the time when the revolt is declared.

[edit] What happens if rioters fights and they win?

The revolt organizer will be the new King.

[edit] What happens if rioters fights and they lose?

This depends on what the Government decides to do.

[edit] What happens if the revolt leader doesn’t fight?

The revolt organizer will loose permanently 1 point charisma.

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