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The Revolt

A revolt can be organized by residents that are unhappy with the current government.


  • t0 - Declaration
  • t0 + 48h - Battlefield appears
  • t0 + 60h - Battleround
  • t0 + 18h - Battlefield destroyed


Costs for declaring a revolt will be directly related to the number of regions owned by the Kingdom:

  Costs In Silver Coins = 100 * Kingdom Regions

Bonuses and Maluses

  • Geographical Maluses: Yes
  • Castle/Royal Palace presence: Yes
  • Jar Tar: Yes

Who can organize a revolt?

A resident player:

  • with enough money
  • with Charisma at least 16 (he must be eligible to kingdomship)
  • resident in the Kingdom for at least 30 days
  • that did not declare a revolt in the last 30 days

There are other constraints that blocks a revolt?


  • The king should be on the throne for at least 3 days
  • 2 days from the last revolt must pass

How can one declare a revolt?

By clicking the link Declare revolt on the Royal Palace it will be possible to formally declare the intention to revolt.

Will the revolt organizer remain anonymous?

The organizer will not be anonymous anymore and will be known to the King; An event will be sent to the King and to the Town Crier.

It is possible to cancel a revolt?


Who can participate in a revolt

  • Kingdom citizens that are resident for at least 30 days and with over 30 days age will be able to join Attack
  • Kingdom citizens that are resident for at least 30 days and with over 30 days age will be able to join Defense

Revolters can be arrested or restrained?

No. From when the revolt is declared and until it finishes citizens of the Kingdom that is under a Revolt cannot be restrained nor arrested by any Judge or Guard Captain.

The Battle

The battle will be fought in the battlefield. The battlefield will appear 48 hours from the time when the revolt is declared.

What happens if rioters fights and they win?

The revolt organizer will be the new King.

What happens if rioters fights and they lose?

The revolt organizer and who were in the attacker faction will be restrained automatically for 48 hours.

What happens if the revolt leader doesn’t fight?

The revolt organizer will loose permanently 1 point charisma.

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