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Noble titles guidelines

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All names are understood as geographically or historically relevant to Reality or ME world, that is properly introduced by suitable Role Play.

  • It is possible to assign a noble title referring to a region/city name of the Kingdom.
  • It is possible to assign a noble title referring to a city name, a location name, a region name geographically or historically pertinent to regions owned by the Kingdom.
  • It isn’t possible to assign a noble title referring to the name of the Kingdom with the exception of the Prince title, see example below.
  • It isn’t possible to assign a noble title referring to the city from which the Kingdom is named, see example below.
  • It isn’t possible to have two different noble titles referring to the same region/city name of the Kingdom, see example below.


  • Count/Countess of Savoy is not allowed because Savoy is a Kingdom and only the King of Savoy can exist as a title of the 'Kingdom'.
  • Prince/Princess of Savoy is allowed as Prince/Princess Heir of Crown of Savoy Kingdom.
  • Duke/Duchess of Rome is not allowed because because Rome is a Kingdom, not even in the form Rome civitas (or equivalent).
  • Marquis/Marquise of Monferrato is allowed because Monferrato is a region name in game.
  • Duke/Duchess of York is allowed because York is a city name in game.
  • Duke/Duchess of Paris is allowed because Paris is a city in Ile-de-France region, geographically or historically pertinent.
  • Count/Countes of Orkney Islands is allowed because Orkney Islands are a region in Kingdom of Scotland, geographically or historically pertinent.
  • Both Lord/Lady of Nurnberg and Count/Countness of Nurnberg are not allowed, because two characters will refer to the same location.
  • Creation of Heraldic register of kingdoms

In order to improve RP and IG controls on consistency by the Staff character Grande Araldo Inquisitore, we suggesto to each Kingdom to create an Heraldic register on Kingdom board in the forum where noble titles given by King and Vassals are registered. Even coat of arms related to given noble titles may be registered.

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