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Noble titles guidelines

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All names are understood as geographically or historically relevant to Reality or ME world, which is properly introduced by suitable Role Play.

  • It is possible to assign a noble title referring to a region/city name of the Kingdom.
  • It is possible to assign a noble title referring to a city name, a location name, a region name geographically or historically pertinent to regions owned by the Kingdom.
  • It isn’t possible to assign a noble title referring to the name of the Kingdom with the exception of the Prince title, see example below.
  • It isn’t possible to assign a noble title referring to the city from which the Kingdom is named, see example below.
  • It isn’t possible to have two different noble titles referring to the same region/city name of the Kingdom, see example below.


  • Count/Countess of Savoy is not allowed because Savoy is a Kingdom and only the King of Savoy can exist as a title of the 'Kingdom'.
  • Prince/Princess of Savoy is allowed as Prince/Princess Heir of Crown of Savoy Kingdom.
  • Duke/Duchess of Rome is not allowed because Rome is a Kingdom, not even in the form Rome civitas (or equivalent).
  • Marquis/Marquise of Monferrato is allowed because Monferrato is a region name in-game.
  • Duke/Duchess of York is allowed because York is a city name in-game.
  • Duke/Duchess of Paris is allowed because Paris is a city in the Ile-de-France region, geographically or historically pertinent.
  • Count/Countess of Orkney Islands is allowed because the Orkney Islands are a region in the Kingdom of Scotland, geographically or historically pertinent.
  • Both Lord/Lady of Nurnberg and Count/Countess of Nurnberg are not allowed, because two characters will refer to the same location.
  • Creation of Heraldic register of kingdoms

In order to improve RP and IG controls on consistency by the Staff character Grande Araldo Inquisitore, we suggest to each Kingdom to create a Heraldic register on Kingdom board in the forum where noble titles given by King and Vassals are registered. Even a coat of arms-related to given noble titles may be registered.

Extended Rules

  • Giving a title to someone and using it as a form of insult to them will not be tolerated.
  • It is highly recommended that you only issue Noble titles to those in your own Kingdoms.
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