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Every ME citizen may own one or more houses by buying it at a Village or Castle. Owning a house is very important because then you can rest without spending money at the tavern and you can deposit some items so you can travel lighter and faster, especially if you do no have a role that comes with a public building that provides a bed and storage. House storing capacity and resting quality increase with the house dimension.


Buying a house

As previously said you can buy a house c/o Castle or Village. The price of a house depends on its level and on the Goods and Services Tax.

House Name Base Rest Factor Base Price Storage capacity
House 1.jpg Hut 1,2 360 300 kg
House 2.jpg Small wooden House 3 1800 1200 kg
House 3.jpg Large wooden House 7 4200 2800 kg
House 4.jpg Small Brick House 14 8400 5600 kg
House 5.jpg Large Brick House 28 16800 11200 kg
House 6.jpg Villa 56 33600 22400 kg

Base Price of house get affect by Taxes.


Choosing this option will let you see items stored in the house.


You can sell your house back to the Government. You will receive the following Silver Coins:

  Silver Coins =  80% * Base_price

where Base Price is the structure price before Kingdom applied taxes.


You can rest in your house by choosing this option. You will recuperate energy faster if you are satiated. The rest recuperating factor depends also on the house dimension/quality.

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