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En US Carpenter Guide

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[edit] The Carpenter Guide

Author: Jasia Wedrowniczka

The carpenter is responsible for creating most of tools that are being used in Medieval Europe as well as for the creation of basic wooden shields.

The resource that carpenter needs the most is wood (weighs 2,5kg per unit), so it’s a good idea to start a carpenter business in the city with good access to it. The carpenter is somehow dependant on the blacksmith profession, since he or she provides metal prerequisites for most of the produced tools.

This is what carpenter can create (for more information on the items, please see the Carpenter Shop page):

[edit] Hoe

Hoe is needed for plowing all kind of fields, most usual it’s the carpenter product that is most often sold on the market.

[edit] Hatchet

Hatchet is needed for gathering wood in the forest. It’s a good idea to sell it in the city that has a forest access.

[edit] Pickaxe

Pickaxe is needed for gathering iron, gold, coal, stone and salt in mines and quarries. It’s a good idea to sell it in the city that has access to those resources.

[edit] Knife

Knife is needed to slaughter pigs, cows, sheeps and silkworms. It’s a good idea to sell it in the city that has access to those animals.

[edit] Wooden Cart

Each work on the cart gives 5% progress, therefore a carpenter needs to work on it 20 times. Wooden cart is similar to the profession cart that can be bought with doubloons, but with this one can transport only 3000 kg of resources of only 2 types. Furthermore wooden cart looses 1% of it’s durability per day.

[edit] Wooden Shield

Wooded shield it’s the most basic shield, it has a defence rating of 1.

[edit] Norman Wooden Shield

Bigger and heavier that simple wooded shield, it has a defence rating of 3.

[edit] Wood dummy

Wood dummy is used in training grounds to practice skills

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