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Election of Religious Leader

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Electing a new Religious Leader

The following procedure must be used to appoint a new Church Leader if he's been disheartened or the role is vacant (the character dies or renounces the role).

How such a procedure is opened?

The procedure is opened by the Administration by use of an Ingame Administrative Message. The Administration will then open a forum topic where the candidates should present themselves before the Candidation Time (usually 7 days) expires.

Candidates Requirements

At the time of the candidature the candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Must be of the current Religion
  2. Charisma at least 18 (allowed to be reached with bonuses)
  3. Should have obtained at least AFP badge levels 3
  4. Must not have been disheartened from the current Religion in the last six months

How can I send my candidature?

Candidatess will need to post in the topic opened by Administration the following information:

  • Religion Seniority
  • Charisma
  • Role in the current Religion
  • Project for Religion Management and Expansion:
    • How the Candidate wants to manage and rebuild the new religion
    • How the Candidate wants to manage the relations with other religions
    • Why Religion Followers should vote for his candidature
  Note: if candidates with the proper requirements are missing, Administration may open candidatures to players that fulfill the requirements partially.

How the election works?

Administration will open a poll with the name of the candidates and will list the players that can vote (the Religion followers). The voters will have 7 days to vote for the favorite candidate.

  • Level 2 Roles vote counts for 4
  • Level 3 Roles votes counts for 3
  • Level 4 Roles vote counts for 2
  • Followers votes counts for 1


Who do you want for Mystic Religion Leader?

Mario Rossi Mario Bianchi [...]

only the following players can vote:

Guglielmo Di Valenza Martin Schroeder [...]

Administration will count the votes when the voting phase is concluded and will publish the results.

Example: Guglielmo Di Valenza, Cardinal, voted for Mario Bianchi Martin Schroeder, Follower, voted for Mario Rossi

Mario Bianchi: 4 points Mario Rossi: 1 point

=> The new Leader is Mario Bianchi

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