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Cure Health Base

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Cure Health Base

This Dogma Bonus will enable a Religion Level 4 Role to cure a Follower by using a Medical Kit. To cure a character, the character will need to click a link Cure Health that will appear in the following pages:

  • List of characters in Region
  • Public Profile


  • Healed and Healer must be member of the same Church;
  • Healer's Structure should have enough Faith Points;
  • Healed and Healer should be in the same location of the Healer's Structure;
  • Healer should have at least 90% Faith;
  • Healer should have at least 1 Medical Kit.
Note: The medical kit should be in the Character Inventory and no more in the Structure

Action Can be Canceled?

Yes by the Healer or the Healed (Unless the Healed is in Recovery mode)


  • 50 FPs
  • 20% Energy, 20% Glut
  • 1 Medical Kit


  • Duration: 2h
  • Worker Package Applies: Yes
  • Action Time is reduced by Healer's Intelligence


Restores character Health to max( current Health, Faith Level).


  1. Guglielmo is a follower and has 39% Health and FL 70% => Health will go to 70%
  2. Guglielmo has 39% Health and FL 12% => Health will remain 39%
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