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Cure Disease Base

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[edit] Cure Disease Base

This Dogma Bonus will enable a Religion Level 4 Role to cure Follower From a Disease by using the proper Item. Health can be restored too if the Healer has a medical Kit.

To cure a character, the character will need to click a link Cure Disease that will appear in the following pages:

  • List of characters in Region
  • Public Profile

[edit] Conditions

  • Healed and Healer must be member of the same Church;
  • Healer's Structure should have enough Faith Points;
  • Healed and Healer should be in the same location of the Healer's Structure;
  • Healer should have at least 90% Faith;
  • Healer should have the correct item to cure the Disease
  • Healed must be diseased

Note: The required item and/or the medical kit should be in the Character Inventory and no more in the Structure

[edit] Action Can be Canceled?


  • Healer can cancel at any time;
  • Healer cannot cancel if he's imprisoned

[edit] Costs

  • 50 FPs
  • 20% Energy, 20% Glut
  • Item for curing the Disease
  • 1 Medical Kit (optional)

[edit] Other

  • Duration: 2h
  • Worker Package Applies: Yes
  • Action Time is reduced by Healer's Intelligence

[edit] Effects

  • Cure Disease
  • Restores Health (if the Priest has a Medical Kit) to max( Healed current HP, Faith Level)
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