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Chat Rules

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Your Nickname will be your character name stripped by spaces. It's not possible to change nick in the channels, </u>but we strongly suggest to register your nickname asap so it can't be stolen</u>.


Operators are

  • GuglielmoDiValenza (probably always idle)
  • elcid


The IRC Chat Channels includes the following Channels

  • #medievaleurope
  • #menewborn
  • #metrade
  • (Kingdom Channels)

Channel #medievaleurope

Official channel of the game Medieval Europe

Channel #menewborn

Official channel where newborn can ask for help

Channel #metrade

Official channel where to trade items. You can post your offer every five minutes, no use if link and colors. After 3 kicks for posting offer before 5 minutes you will be banned from the Channel.

Kingdom Channels

A Regent can ask OPs to create a Kingdom Channel. Use this form to make a Request.

Basic Commands

  /join  #NOMECANALE -> to join a channel. Example: /join #MENewborn
  /query NICK -> to talk with another player in private
  .g TEXT -> search TEXT in google
  .yt TEXT -> search TEXT in youtube
  .cc FORMULA -> compute maths expression
  /msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [email] -> Register your nickname to channel. You will receive a mail with a code. Get back in the channel and type /msg nickserv confirm [Code]
  /ns IDENTIFY password -> Identify in the channel (useful only if your nickname is registered)


Communication Rules apply to IRC Chat. Players that don't follow rules will be banned from the chat by the OPs.

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