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Chat Rules

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[edit] IRC CHAT

[edit] Nicknames

Your Nickname will be your character name stripped by spaces. It's not possible to change nick in the channels, </u>but we strongly suggest to register your nickname asap so it can't be stolen</u>.

[edit] Operators

Operators are

  • GuglielmoDiValenza (probably always idle)
  • elcid

[edit] Channels

The IRC Chat Channels includes the following Channels

  • #medievaleurope
  • #menewborn
  • #metrade
  • (Kingdom Channels)

Channel #medievaleurope

Official channel of the game Medieval Europe

Channel #menewborn

Official channel where newborn can ask for help

Channel #metrade

Official channel where to trade items. You can post your offer every five minutes, no use if link and colors. After 3 kicks for posting offer before 5 minutes you will be banned from the Channel.

Kingdom Channels

A Regent can ask OPs to create a Kingdom Channel. Use this form to make a Request.

[edit] Basic Commands

  /join  #NOMECANALE -> to join a channel. Example: /join #MENewborn
  /query NICK -> to talk with another player in private
  .g TEXT -> search TEXT in google
  .yt TEXT -> search TEXT in youtube
  .cc FORMULA -> compute maths expression
  /msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [email] -> Register your nickname to channel. You will receive a mail with a code. Get back in the channel and type /msg nickserv confirm [Code]
  /ns IDENTIFY password -> Identify in the channel (useful only if your nickname is registered)

[edit] Rules

Communication Rules apply to IRC Chat. Players that don't follow rules will be banned from the chat by the OPs.

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