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The Building Site

When a project is started, a new structure Building Site will be created in the target region (the structure will resemble a construction site). When the structure is completed it will be replaced by the finished structure. There are no restrictions on player citizenship, every player can participate and help building the structure.

Public functions


It will be possible to view general statistics on the building contribution.


By clicking this link, and if the needed materials are in the inventory, the players can collaborate to build the structure for some hours and contribute to reach the working hours target. As soon the project building starts, all the materials will be removed from the inventory. When the target hours are reached, the structure will be ready.

It will be possible to work for free for a maximum of 9 hours. Some slots for paid work of 3, 6 or 9 hours will be available if there is enough coins available in the structure.


  1. Needed material has been stored in the building site
  2. A work hammer

Expected lasting time

(Specified working hours)

Time modifiers

  1. Strength
  2. Bonuses: Worker

Queue bonus applies?


Required resources

  1. Required energy: 10% per hour
  2. Required glut: 4% per hour

Action Effects

Percentage of completion raises by ((worked hours/needed hours)*100)%

Canceling action

Action can be cancelled. If action is cancelled, money will not be given to the player and the structure will be refunded.

Private functions


Used for storing needed material for the construction. The construction site will have a very high storage capacity.


By accessing this page, the Vassal will be able to :

  • Set the hourly wage. Players will have the possibility to work 3, 6 or 9 hours at the rate configured by the Vassal.
  • Change the structure name, until is being built.

Example: Vassal sets hourly wage at 2 coins/hour. Vassal add to the structure inventory 1000 coins.

The players will have:

  • 300, 3-hours slots.
  • 150, 6-hours slots
  • 100, 9-hours slots

Project end

When the hours target is reached, the building will be ready and an event will be published @ town crier:

Example: Kingdom of England has completed a project in York: Academy of St John.

The Vassal will no more in control of the building and he must nominate the Drill Master or the Academy Director.

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